Glass Dream House

Glass Dream House Once you begin to like glass art, it is usually only a matter of time before you will fall in love with it.  Once you fall in love with it, your mind will begin to vision a life in glass.  The Glass Dream House brings together artistic, functional, and architectural glass art from artists I admire to create a unique glass fantasy and oasis.

Grand Foyer Entryway One of the first must-haves in the Glass Dream House is an exquisite, upscale foyer entryway- featuring a Chihuly glass chandelier installation which has an on-off control to drip water down the chandelier into the water feature below.  Besides the water flow, the control would also control the level of mood lighting for the room.  A beautiful and massive oceanic glass art wall sculpture is to be placed in the backsplash behind the chandelier for added depth, dimension, and design sophistication. Pictured Below: The stunning entryway of the Acqua Liana luxury home designed by Frank McKinney in Palm Beach, Florida.  The aquatic glass flooring ideally be made of thick, durable glass, and the water flows outside to the large infinity pool in the luxurious landscaped outdoor space.

Source: Frank McKinney. 

Source: Frank McKinney.

Source: Frank McKinney.

Luxury Swimming Pool Another necessary element of the Glass Dream House is a serene swimming pool, featuring adjustable ceiling and underwater pool lighting to enhance the magnificent blown glass art at the bottom.  The perfect blend of beautiful flowing glass colors and lighting to transform the Glass Dream House into a relaxing artistic haven. Pictured Below: Glass art swimming pool installation at Chihuly Boathouse.  The Glass Dream House pool would be deep enough so swimmers will not need to worry about disturbing the artwork installation on the bottom of the pool.

Source: Chihuly.

Waterfalls and Fountains The Glass Dream House will be equipped with indoor glass art fountains and waterfalls in its one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis.  Inspired by a vibrant aquatic color palette, the waterfall installations will feature blown glass walls with water flowing down to the swimming pool. Pictured Below: Contemporary glass waterfall by SWON Design.

Source: SWON Design.

Source: SWON Design.

Sinks and Countertops The sleek and stylish designs of the bathroom and kitchen decor in the Glass Dream House will feature shimmering dichroic and blown glass art sink vessels with matching countertops. Pictured Below: Blue Reflections undermount glass sink by JSG Oceana Decorative Glass matches perfectly with the Gravity Glas Artist Series Glass Countertop below and would make an upscale design choice for the bathroom in the Glass Dream House mastersuite.

Source: JSG Oceana.

Source: Gravity Glass.

For the kitchen in the Glass Dream House, an aquatic style for the countertops will help tie in the same design theme from the lovely entryway and luxurious outdoor living space, like the Ocean Inspiration II by Mailhot for ThinkGlass Inc.

Source: Mailhot for ThinkGlass.

Fine Dining and Entertainment Any glass art palace needs a custom centerpiece for the dining room to entertain guests and family during dinner parties.  In the Glass Dream House, the focal point for the dining room will be an elegant custom-made glass art table, like the below custom glass art table by Jon Kuhn commissioned for Holsten Galleries.

Source: Holsten Galleries.

Mosaic Stairway The final step in tying together the design in the Glass Dream House, is to connect the aquatic glass artwork with the fantastic outdoor living space- with a mosaic glass tile stairway.  The stairs will feature aqua blues and teal ocean waves gliding up towards the dancing summer sun, inspired by the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps mosaic tile installation in San Francisco, California designed by ceramist Aileen Barr and mosaic artist Colette Crutcher.

Source: Colette Crutcher.


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