Mantra Glass Art: Supporting the community, sustainability, and recycled glass art!

Recently, I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a glass artist named Jessica Schimpf, the friendly and ambitious entrepreneur behind Mantra Glass Art.

Mantra Glass Art is a sustainable glassblowing company in Denver.  The company has been featured in 5280 Magazine, Paperclips215, and other news and media outlets.  What makes Mantra Glass Art so special and admirable is the vision set forth and carried through by its owner Jessica, to create art while being eco-conscious.  Mantra Glass Art utilizes recycled glass, organic plants, and 100% post consumer packaging.  The glassblowing studio specializes in making eco-art terrariums from clear recycled glass, a trendy and modern alternative to potted plants.

Source: Mantra Glass Art. All photos © their respective owners with permission granted for this blog post unless otherwise noted.

Source: Mantra Glass Art.

Source: Mantra Glass Art.

Source: Mantra Glass Art.



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